Personal Information

  • Full Name: Steven Edwin Galloway
  • Political View: Republican
  • Gender: Male
  • Committees:
    • Business and Labor
    • Local Government and Natural Resources 
  • Interim committee:
    • Energy and Technology 
  • Family:
    • Wife: Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway, Married June of 1981;
    • 6 Children: Tiffany, Hugh, Rocky, Spencer, Brittany, Natalie;
    • 1 Daughter retired military (U.S. Air Force)
    • 15 Grandchildren.
    • 1 Great Grandchild
    • Father; Marine Corps Veteran.
  • Birth Place: Great Falls, MT.
  • Home City: Great Falls, MT.
  • Current City: Sun Prairie Estates
  • Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    • Serve in leadership as Physical facilities representative of 10 church buildings, perform semi-annual audits, and organize activities and events.
    • Have a monthly assignment to visit and speak in meetings, and assist in administration. Served as a teacher and youth leader.


  • CMR High School, Class of 1977
  • Shop classes from junior high and high school have given me great benefits throughout my life
  • Operating businesses since 1975
    • Been making payrolls and budgeting for growth and survival in an ever-changing business environment
  • The University of Idaho, Oct 2021
    • Legislative Energy Horizon Institute
    • Energy Policy Planning Program
The University of Idaho Diploma for Legislative Energy Horizon Institue
Legislative Energy Horizon Institute Partners & Sponsor Page Oct 2021

Professional Experience

  • Rented and cleaned rooms at parent’s motel
    • Scrubbed a bunch of toilets as a youth
  • Steve’s Rentals, Landlord 1975-present
    • NeighborWorks: Best Improved Rental 2009-2010
  • Residential & Commercial Construction: Galloway and Sons/Galloway Inc
  • Business Owner- Operator:
    • Fox Farm Dairy Queen Franchise, 1987- present
    • North Side Dairy Queen Franchise, 1987-present
    • Great Falls Lumber Do it Best Hardware, 1987-present
  • Bought and sold real-estate
  • Served on several volunteer boards


  • God blesses us with talents to share
  • Hard work gets results
  • The Constitution of The United States and Montana
  • Family and Community
  • Serving others
  • We need to share our perspectives to find the best outcomes 
  • Please share your insights and knowledge with me to help better serve you. See contact information at the bottom of the page.


“I will bring over 50 years of business and service experience to the next legislature. I apply a common sense approach to our government.  I work diligently to address our common needs to better our community. I have been actively involved since the 2017 legislative sessions and will continue to bring my knowledge and experience to the next Legislature. We need to put effort into our government to get better results. I work relentlessly for you.

We never fail we just have to adjust!

I firmly believe we are blessed to live in this country as President Abraham Lincoln stated, “This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth”

We get what we put in. Let it be our best efforts!

State Appointed Delegate

Session Success

First Session 2021 with 7 Bills Signed into Law:

  • HB298
  • HB401
  • HB402
  • HB438
  • HB439
  • HB541
  • HB586
  • Revise Information InCluded on the Property Valuation Statement
  • Revising Property Rental Laws
  • Generally, Revise Property Rental Laws
  • Revise Commercial Driver’s License Laws to Include Military Waiver
    • Favorite Bill Helping Military Veterans use Military CDL experience to get a civilian CDL Equivalent without taking written or physical tests within 2 years of discharge
  • Revise Landlord-Tenant Laws
  • Generally, Revise Landlord-Tenant Laws
  • Revise Motor Vehicle Laws Related to Missing Titles

Second Session 2023 with 11 Bills Signed into Law:

  • HB77
  • HB78
  • HB176
  • HB282
  • HB283
  • HB360
  • HB488
  • HB603
  • HB652
  • HB729
  • HB948
  • Revise Laws Related to Public Safety Officer Appointing Authorities; Allowing Ext. of 180 Days
  • Revise Laws Related to Public Safety Appointing Authorities; 1 Year Military Extension
  • Revising County Utility Corridor Permitting Laws to Include Broadband
  • Revise Rental Laws; For Refusal of Access
  • Revise Rental Laws; Statewide Consistency
  • Possible to Revise the Election of County Commissioners by District vs. County
  • Revise Security Deposit Law; Termination Agreements Filed in Court
  • Provide for Reinstatement of Parental Rights; If not Permanently Placed
  • Revise Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Providing Advanced Conductor Cost-effectiveness Criteria for High Efficient Power Lines
  • Revise Laws Regarding Synthetic Infused Hemp & Marijuana Products & Unlawful Transaction with Children
  • Had Weekly Zoom Meetings w/the City of Great Falls & Cascade County Officials During Session
  • Great Falls City Manager Requested that I Sponsor this Legislation

Endorsed By

NRA-PVF National Rifle Association of America with an A- rating on September 14, 2018 by Brian Judy

Montana Family Foundation 2020/2024 by President/CEO Jeff Laszloffy

Cascade County Republican Women September 25, 2020 

The Montana Farm Bureau PAC September 14, 2020

Montana Sports Shooters Association September 2020/2024

2022 Friend of the Montana Medical Association

2022 Friend of the MMA Certificate

Gun Owners of America 2024

Montana Petroleum Association

2022/2024 Award for Conservative Achievement (CPAC 22)   www.conservative.org

CPAC2022 Award for Conservative Achievement